Oncology Unit

The unit was opened in 2010 as a day-care unit for the provision of chemotherapy and biological treatment for the oncology patients from the entire northern region


Cancer stands as a real challenge for the treating staff and requires a high level of skill and knowledge. Cancer includes a large and diverse group of cancers, such as breast tumors, gastrointestinal tract, urologic tumors, lung tumors, head, neck, brain, endocrine tumors and more.


The Nazareth Family Hospital decided about 10 years ago to open an oncology clinic for consultation and follow-up. As a result of many requests from patients, there was a need to open an oncological daycare unit that could provide oncology treatments and save patients and their families the significant burden of driving away from home. Three years ago, a large unit of oncological daycare was opened at the hospital.

Today, the Oncology Unit at the Holy Family Hospital in Nazareth provides oncology treatments including chemotherapy, biologic and immunotherapy treatments for all solid tumors at the highest level and in a pleasant and family atmosphere.


Due to the high prevalence of the disease, the requests for treatment in the unit continue to increase significantly. Patients referred to the Unit receive an immediate response, and if there is a need for treatment, treatment begins within a few days. During the treatments, the patients receive full service including nursing support, psychological and social support, nutritional monitoring and of course close medical supervision. After completion of the treatment, the follow-up is also performed on an ongoing basis by the Unit's physicians and according to the need, including the examination and treatment of other relevant professionals.


The Holy Family Hospital, which includes the Oncological Day Care Unit, provides a unique response to the Northeast region, providing comprehensive treatment and optimal multi-disciplinary service for patients with these diseases. The head of the unit is Dr. Salem Blanc.

250-300 chemotherapeutic and immunological treatments are done each month. In addition to chemotherapy, the unit provides palliative care to patients including blood and fluid transfusions.

Professional infrastructures

Cancer treatment requires multi-team collaboration. The foundation stone of the unit is successful treatment and excellent service to patients before, during and at the end of treatments, which is possible thanks to cooperation between the various teams that care within the Holy Family Hospital. Collaboration is not limited to referring patients, but rather to mutual consultations, joint meetings that discuss individual cases, and guidelines and academic activities.

Shared wards within the hospital


  • Department of Surgery - Dr. Ibrahim Harbaji.

  • Internal Department - Dr. Omar Abu Alhiga.

  • Women's Health Institute - Dr. Rimon Manassa.

  • Department of Imaging - Dr. Zuhir Abu Rahma.

  • Emergency Room - Dr. Alber Shukha.

  • Nephrology Department - Dr. Audi Mohammad.

  • Gastro Institute - Dr. Rawia Moalem.

  • Department of Urology - Dr. Elias Ashaq.

  • Department of Women - Dr. Nicola Farah.

Shared wards within the hospital


  • Pathological Institute - Rambam Medical College.

  • Oncology Institute - Rambam Medical College.

  • Lin Oncology Institute - Dr. Marianna Steiner.

  • Nahariya Hospital Oncology Institute - Dr. Ayelet Shay.

  • Ziv Hospital Oncology Institute - Prof. Jamal Zidane.

Operational infrastructure of the unit


  • Pharmacy for the preparation of oncology drugs including cytotoxicity and biologic and immunological treatments by two qualified pharmacists with extensive experience.

  • Character institute - including mammography, US and CT, also MRI.

  • Emergency room - If there is a complication as a result of chemotherapy there is a clear address for patients.

  • Inpatient ward - Patients in need of inpatient care will be admitted to the inpatient ward.

  • Surgical Department - Oncologic patients with an acute surgical problem will be hospitalized and treated in the surgical department, by a team of surgeons with extensive experience in gastrointestinal and breast tumors.

  • Laboratory Services - Providing Immediate Results for Chemistry and Blood Counting which are Necessary Tests for a Decision on Oncology Treatment.

Flow chart of a new cancer patient admitted to service


  • The patient's referral to the unit is made when a patient is diagnosed with a malignant disease and is referred by a medical service provider, the referral consists of a telephone call to one of the service providers:

  • Secretary: Saba Mariana

  • Tel: 04-6508981

  • Fax: 04-6508982

  • Coordinating Nurse: Nagar Lina

  • Tel: 04-6508981

  • E-mail: lina_najjar75@hotmail.com

  • After the telephone referral, a medical file will be opened containing relevant medical documents - imaging tests, a pathological report, laboratory tests, a referral letter, etc., and will be coordinated with a patient to see a doctor as soon as possible.

  • The patient is accepted by specialist physicians only. The patient is examined and a treatment decision is made, the patient is given a comprehensive explanation of the treatment including its purpose, chances of success, possible complications and side effects.

The caring staff


Saba Mariana

Blue Wall

             אחות אחראית   

Lina Nagar

ramabam 19-2-2017_24.jpg

               מנהל היחידה

Dr. Dalem Billan

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