Maria Bambina

We are religious women in the Holy Family Hospital in Nazareth, composed of ten nurses belonging to the International Institute of Nurses and Grace of the STS. Bartolomea Capitanio and Venenza Gerosa (in Italy known as 'Suore di Maria Bambina'). The community was founded in Lovere -ITALY, on 21 November 1832 by Bartolomea Captanio (born on 01/17/807) and Katrina Gerosa (born on 1784/10/29) her first sister in faith. Bartolomea died on July 26, 1833 only eight months after the establishment of the community. Katrina continued to pledge this charity with supreme faith and humility. She died on June 29, 1847. Both were declared saints by Pope Pius XII. On. 18 May 1950.

Today our community has a large presence on the five continents of North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia to reach out to people in need from all walks of life. Our house rule is in Milan, Italy. By God's grace, today in our community there are 4538 active nurses and 12,674 sisters who preceded us in their heavenly home were summoned by the Creator to full happiness in His presence. They were models of the righteousness of a lighthouse for our missionary journey.


Our community "founded entirely on charity", collaborates with the Father and Son in the plan and in their work for salvation by participating in the mission of the Church according to charism lit up by the Holy Spirit in the heart of the founder of Bartolomea Capitanio. By this grace we are called to express the love of God to people, through their works of mercy; By the latter, we have justified our favorite redeemer to reach out to all people from age to age, always willing to "do everything possible to endure everything and even shed our blood for the good of our neighbor" (Cs. 2).

Our mission in different sectors:

1. Educational

2. Medical

3. Emerging needs

4. Formation

5. Miscellaneous

The first missionary nurses from Italy arrived on the land of India and Asia in 1860. This year 2010 ..we stand on the threshold to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first 4 Italian sisters of the righteousness of AT KRISHNAGAR, West Bengal-ASIA-HUDO. Thanks to their missionary zeal, we are proud to say that eight of the sisters are from India and the second from Italy, where we have our own general house. This community of 'holy family' was opened on September 6, 1984 by the general mother Angela Maria Campanile, on request of St. John's sick brother of God, also known as "FATEBENEFRATELLI." Therefore we cooperate with these brothers At the hospital of the holy family of Nazareth.'25 SILVER 's year of dedicated service roll gracefully with the empowerment of the mighty God.

We believe that God chose us on His mission to this Holy Land in Nazareth where we have been accompanied by Mary the Mother of Christ with her motherly gentleness. We go to the end always believing in the words of Master .......

"You did not choose me but I chose you because you should go and BEAR fruits" (Jn.15: 16)

השתתף במייל

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