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החזון: בית חולים "המשפחה הקודשה" כמרכז רפואי מוביל בגליל תוך ביסוס שמו כמקצועי חדשני ומתפתח

The Public Relations Department of the Holy Family Hospital was established since I joined the Foundation in early 2001 at the request of the new director at the time, Dr. Massad Barhoum, It is worth mentioning that the domain of public relations did not exist in any hospital or institution at least at the time in Nazareth, So the Holy Family Hospital was a pioneer in the matter.
Public relations are an institution's means of enhancing their reputation and ability to treat people tactfully and intelligently.

The role of public relations in the hospital:

Public relations constitute a major link in the life of every human being,  Hence the need to establish a public relations department in each vital facility in order to advance our abilities and receive greater opportunities to live with those around us.

One of the most important responsibilities of the public relations department in the hospital is to develop the hospital's relationship with its external and internal audiences.

1 - Spreading awareness and consolidating social relations between workers.
2 - Coordinate and organize celebrations, seminars, lectures, and various events.
3 - Organizing visits and awareness tours inside the hospital.
4 - Publishing the news of the hospital by communicating with the various media.
5 - Follow-up everything related to the hospital in the daily newspapers, radio and television daily.
6 - Receive visitors in regard to the hospital in all marketing areas.
7 - Represent the hospital in social events and the participation of people joys and sorrows.

Public relations grew as an administrative concept and developed as a result of public opinion and its impact on modern society.
Today, digital public relations (digital) is witnessing a great leap and in the light of the rapid movements through social networking rings .. strategies and all global variables, which requires different approaches at all levels.

The Public Relations Department has succeeded in cooperating and weaving excellent relations as a result of credibility, clarity, and progress in the services of the hospital in terms of medical and physical and all the equipment and specialized staff
All of this contributed to the recruitment of friends and funds to support this institution, which does not receive any government support and has provided its services since the hundred and forty years, during which it treated hundreds of thousands of patients according to the values ​​of John God
Excellence... Justice... Respect... Compassion... Hospitality...


Some of what we did:

- The success of the efforts of the department to establish the Friends of Nazareth, "Friends of Nazareth are Arab Americans", which still exists to this day and provide services to the people of our society in general.
- Since 2001, the Society of Friends of the Hospital was established to support the institution.
- Communicating with the Cancer Society in the establishment of the Breast Health Center and containing the Society's branch in the building.

- Issuing a book to document the history of the institution to celebrate 125 years of founding the hospital.
- Recruiting $ 500,000 since 2007 and opening a cancer treatment unit.
- Contribution to the project of greenhouse preterm infants in cooperation with the Milan Football Fund.
- Strengthening cooperation relations with the Italian embassy and the culmination of the festival of Italy in Nazareth (Sprenchak) to promote co-existence.
- The organization of many evenings and celebrations to recruit funds for the purchase of medical devices, the most important of which was the purchase of a 3D mammography and others.
- Establishing cooperative relations with businessmen, institutions, universities, schools clubs and other staff inside and outside the country in order to spread the hospital's holy message.

- Recruiting volunteers from the country and abroad to do volunteer work and assist in the development and modernization of the hospital.
- This is only the beginning and the public relations art must be mastered and skills must be developed continuously and permanently and success factors are prepared as long as our trust and acceptance of the other, whatever opinions differ on the top of our priorities.

My love Odette Shomar
Public Relations Manager.

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