Magnetic resonance resonance imaging (MRI)


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We understand that the quality of care is very important to you and we share this concern. Our device is one of the most advanced devices in Israel, providing accurate and high-quality images and a wide range of tests can be performed

Tests include: brain, neck, breasts, abdomen, prostate, joints and spine
The medical team that has been hired by the hospital is a skilled and talented team that offers a sensitive human attitude to your benefit and well-being. We assure you of providing warm and courteous service from the moment you set the test to the results.

The test is carried out by expert technicians who accompany you closely throughout the test.

The analysis of the test written by leading radiologists will be reported to you within 5 days.
It should be noted that every month we perform hundreds of MRI tests at the Institute to realize our vision of shortening the queues and providing quick and quality responses to each patient.

Since our institute is the first MRI institute in the region, it is a significant revolution for the residents of the area who want to carry out the test by reducing the enormous distances of the past. Thus giving them the possibility to "compromise" on the kilometers without compromising quality.


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